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Marussia Beverages USA has developed an expert sales and marketing team with extensive experience in the alcoholic beverage industry. Marussia Beverages USA also has a proven track record of creating and launching brands and gaining market share. In order to continue to develop its market, Marussia Beverages USA can rely on feedback and data acquired in the field through the use of VIP and KARMA CRM systems.

Since 1992, we have been passionately committed to achieving and surpassing both our producers’ and customers’ individual objectives through an effective collaboration of long term brand building initiatives. We are determined to offer outstanding service and competitive pricing to our clients through a dedicated understanding of our brands, their history, and the market; and target end-users within each geographic region in order to give them the energy, focus, and resources they require to thrive and grow. We pledge to our customers, employees, and to all with whom we do business the following: to always operate on the principles of honesty and integrity, to treat all individuals with respect and honor, and in doing so we will also strive to conduct business with the organizations which share and embrace our philosophy.